Why You Should Use a Professional Electrolysis Machine

When you are using electrolysis with the help of a electrologist using a professional electrolysis machine, this will ensure that the procedure is done properly.  It will also help you to avoid any possible complications that can occur as the result of an improper procedure or the use of cheap equipment.However, the speed at which the electrolysis hair removal procedure can be lengthy. The treatment needs to be repeated an can run into months before you see permanent hair removal. This ultimately means that the treatment can prove expensive and for this reason many people prefer to undertake the process at home.

If you are in the market for an electrolysis machine the wide assortment of machines that are available can be overwhelming. Additionally, the number of product reviews available online are many which can make your choice a confusing one when deciding between professional versus home machines. To help you make an informed decision here we will point out some of the features of a home electrolysis machine versus a professional machine.  Home electrolysis machines can be effective however the chances are you will not get the professional results that you get with a professional electrologist.  Why? The primary reason is that most home electrolysis machines do not use the same voltage as the professional machines which often results in non-permanent hair removal. Because of the lower efficiency of the home machine it is usually necessary to repeat the process in the near future.  Additionally, the process is more time consuming than if you have a professional perform the treatment.

Basic Home Machines

A home electrolysis kit typically consists of the electrolysis machine, a needle for insertion into the hair follicle, tweezers for sliding the hair out of the follicle, a battery or power pack depending upon the model, and the conductivity gel which is applied to your skin to conduct electricity through the hair follicle.  Depending upon the brand of the kit, electrode patches are usually included which you apply to your skin to transmit the electrical current through your body.  The kit also includes a user guide with instructions and a warranty. Not all home electrolysis machines are ineffective but some of them represent cheap imitations of professional machines.  In addition to the lower voltage, the kits are often equipped with run-of-the-mill products that are a step below professional quality.  This can cause the treatment to be painful and may encourage skin damage and scarring.  Sometimes it is a case of you get what you pay for.

Overview of Professional Machines

Professional electrolysis machines are much more effective in providing permanent hair removal.  The equipment is state-of-the-art in addition to operating at a higher voltage than home machines.  When you use a professional machine it is important to invest the time to learn the procedure to ensure you get the job done right the first time as well as prevent any skin damage that can occur as a result of the higher voltage. Professional electrolysis machines are equipped with multiple needles as opposed to home machines which only include one needle.  The higher voltage also helps to get the job done faster and more accurately.

The modern professional machines are computerized and can be programmed according to the area that you are treating which adds automation to the procedure.  This type of machine also offers the three options for electrolysis which are galvanic, thermolysis and blend.  Most home electrolysis kits only provide you with one option for hair removal. If you have electrolysis performed with a professional machine the risks associated with performing the procedure incorrectly are much lower than if you use a home unit.  Accidents are more likely to happen with an inferior quality unit than they are with a professional quality instrument. The one drawback of using a professional machine is that it is significantly more expensive. However the price you pay is often worth your piece of mind knowing that the procedure is done correctly as opposed to a do-it-yourself where a lot of things can go wrong. With a home machine you only purchase the equipment once with the exception of the conductivity gel and electrode pads but there is no guarantee that hair removal will be permanent.

A professional machine may be more expensive but you are assured of permanent hair removal along with a higher standard of care during the procedure. Using a professional electrolysis machine is extremely important because if the machine does not perform properly this could mean a lot of complications and skin problems following the procedure.  In addition to using a professional machine, it pays to do your research ahead so you are aware of all the advantages and drawbacks of using a machine at home.  Remember that the change you are making is permanent so use the best practices the first time around. You will find the investment in your health is worth it

Review of the latest machines available

The V2R Microprobe Electrolysis Machine

 The V2R is a Galvanic machine which is relatively easy to use and does not require a long learning curve for use. The fact that it is Galvanic means that the machine will be around for a long time to come. The epilator on the machine is also more comfortable to use on sensitive areas of the body such as the face. It will be more welcomed by people who are not fans of blend electrolysis in sensitive parts of the body.

Features of the V2R

  • Some of the features of the V2R include:
  • A thermostat that can be adjusted
  • The machine offers a precision electrolysis system
  • The adjustment range is from 300-2,000µA
  • A probe stylus
  • A foot operated switch
  • Disposable probes that are sterile
  • Conductivity gel anode prep  (2 Oz.)
  • An anode
  • The unit is supplied with the voltage supply for where the system is to be used.

In terms of the effectiveness of this system, it is recommended that the hair is treated more than once to ensure that the dermal papilla is properly eliminated. The length of the treatment is dependant on he coarseness of the hair as well as the quantity of hair and the cause of the excessive hair growth. On average, a series of treatments over one to three months will suffice. In some cases, hair may even be eliminated by one treatment.

AVX600 Transdermal and Conventional Electrolysis Machine

This is more expensive than the V2R that has been reviewed above and the simple reason is that it is more superior. This electrolysis machine is advertised as non-invasive and comfortable to use even in the more sensitive areas of the skin. The system has a multitude of features to offer all types of electrolysis on un-wanted hair. Some of the features include:

  • Fully programmable system
  • Blend function on shortwave
  • An automated timer
  • The system offres the facility to have multiple or single percision galvanic at the flick of the switch
  • The system is fully adjustable
  • It is dual function
  • Auto timer blend electroysis that can be programmed
  • Foot operated switch
  • Safety protection for system overload
  • 24,000kuv precision
  • Offered with galvanic tweezers
  • one 4 inch anode which is stainless steel offred with with attachment assembly
  • Electrode for swabs
  • Four hands free electrode clips
  • 4 patch electrode assmblies
  • 4 x 4 inch patches that can be used with twenty adhesions per patch on average
  • 2 x 2 inch patches that can be re-used
  • 1 x 1 deluxe patches that can be re-used
  • Switch that can be operated by foot
  • Electrolyte gel (enough to last for 3 months)
  • probe stylus
  • A quantity of replacement probes (quantity of five)

The procedures that can be performed by the kit include: tweezers and clip applications, swab and galvanic patch.

Other informational material such as pictures of human hair anatomy and follicle tissues and biopsies are provided. Also comes with the book; ”Cosmetologist’s Guide to Transcutaneous and Conventional Electrolysis”.