Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatments

Electrolysis hair removal has been around for over a century and since its invention in the USA, 3 main types of treatments have been successfully used to remove hair permanently. The 3 main types of electrolysis treatments are:

1. Thermolysis – The hair is removed by the production of a heat current that results from a radio wave and passed to the hair

2. Galvanic – In this treatment type, lye is produced as a result of an electrochemical current

3. Blend – This method of treatment combines the above two types of electrolysis hair removal treatments to produce an electro-chemical reaction in the hair.

The above treatments can be successfully used to remove hair from most areas of the body. unlike other treatments, the biggest benefit of electrolysis hair removal is the fact that it can be used to remove any hair color type. The procedure, however, should be avoided on people with existing medical conditions such as people with pace makers, pregnant women and those who have IUD’s.