Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal has been around for many years to help people remove unwanted hair permanently. In fact electrolysis is the only method that guarantees permanent hair removal. It is a method of removing hair that is unrivalled and in fact electrolysis is the most precise way of removing unwanted hair.

Electrolysis works by sliding a very thin sterilized probe (which is attached to an electrology machine) down the hair follicle which will result in the hair follicle to expand twice its original size. The probe will release a current to heat up the hair follicle to kill the germinative cells that cause hair growth. The treatment is repeated several times on the affected area to remove hair permanently.

Electrolysis can be used to remove hair from most parts of the body including:

The chin
Upper lip
Fingers and toes
The chest
The underarms
The back, the buttocks and legs

Unlike laser hair removal where the technology cannot be used to remove gray, white or black hair, electrolysis removes all types of hair. So if unwanted hair is a problem for you then electrolysis hair removal is strongly recommended as a cutting edge technology to get the job done properly.

Remember even if you have resorted to shaving off the affected area, the hair removal process with electrolysis will still be effective. This is because shaving effectively clips the hair over the skin and it doesn’t affect any of the hair follicle under the skin which is where the hair growth takes place. So if you have shaved in the past then you can still trust electrolysis to help you remove the hair permanently

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