Frequently Asked Questions about Electrolysis Hair Removal

If you are thinking about using electrolysis hair removal to permanently remove unwanted hair it is important to ask a lot of questions regarding the procedure to ensure you are comfortable with the procedure.  The questions should range from safety concerns to what you can expect when you attend the appointment and more.  There are many questions that pertain to the process of electrolysis some of which should be answered by a professional electrologist, so let’s focus on the most commonly asked questions.

Does electrolysis really work on a permanent basis?

For the most part, yes.  If it is performed correctly by a qualified electrologist, the procedure is permanent.  If you have the procedure done by an unqualified person or it is performed incorrectly at home, electrolysis may not provide permanent hair removal.

Is electrolysis painful?

Despite the horror stories that you may hear, electrolysis is not very painful if it is performed by a qualified professional and the treatment is done correctly.  At the most, you may feel a slight tingling sensation or mild discomfort.  Electrolysis is painful when it is done incorrectly because an improper procedure often leads to infection and skin damage.  Most of the people that complain about the pain may be highly sensitive to the procedure or they tried to perform electrolysis incorrectly at home or with a friend.

How long does the treatment take?

This depends upon the size of the area where you want to have unwanted hair removed.  Larger areas take a lot longer and require multiple treatment sessions.  If the area is large enough it sometimes can take more than one year with multiple appointments.  If the area is small such as the eyebrows the time of course is significantly less.

What about side effects?

Generally the only side effects that occur are immediately after electrolysis treatment.  You may experience reddening of the skin and slight swelling however this does not last for any extended period of time.  In fact, the chances of side effects are less with electrolysis than with non-permanent hair removal which often uses chemicals or bleaches.  As long as the procedure is performed correctly by a professional the side effects should be minimal.

Can the hairs be removed with one treatment?

This depends on the type of hair being removed as well as the location on your body.  Typically, hair that is coarse requires more than one treatment for the removal process to be successful as opposed to fine hair which can usually be removed in one treatment.  When you have your initial consultation with an electrologist they will assess your needs and then recommend the appropriate treatment.

What does it feel like when you receive electrolysis treatment?

At the most, the treatment will foster a stinging sensation and occasionally you will hear a popping sound.  If it is anything more than that then you should question the competence of the electrologist.  Even people with high sensitivity should be able to withstand the procedure.

How can you be sure the electrologist is competent?

The electrologist you are thinking about seeing should have achieved their CPE with the American Electrology Association.  CPE stands for Certified Professional Electrologist and it means that the electrologist has met the standards set forth by the AEA and passed national testing standards.  The electrologist must then master the requirements for continuing education.  If they maintain current status with AEA then this means they are staying up to date in their field.

How safe is the electrolysis procedure?

Electrolysis began in the latter part of the 1880s and was considered safe back then.  It is still considered to be a safe method for hair removal and even more so due to new technology that allows electrolysis treatments to be delivered faster and with greater comfort.  Plus the epilators that are used provide faster currents with varied intensity settings that make electrolysis safer and much more comfortable.

Is it possible to receive electrolysis treatment during pregnancy?

Yes.  Women often seek electrolysis hair removal during pregnancy as a result of hormonal changes that produce unwanted hair.  As long as no other skin conditions are present as the result of hormones electrolysis is quite safe.  It is also a good idea to discuss electrolysis treatment with your physician before you decide to have the procedure.

How much does electrolysis cost?

The cost of obtaining electrolysis treatment depends on what type of hair removal you are having done and the size of the area being treated.  If the area is large the treatment will be more expensive since it requires repeat visits to the electrologist.  Cost will also vary according to the location where you are having the procedure done.  Metropolitan areas tend to be higher in price than a rural area.

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