How to Choose an Electrolysis Hair Removal Specialist

Once you review the different types of electrolysis treatment options that are available you will need to choose a qualified electrologist to perform the procedure.  There are many attributes you should look for in a skilled electrologist that go beyond simply checking their license and certifications.  There are many other ways to review their qualifications as well as spot any red flags before you commit to treatment.

Training and Certification

Although this appears to be an obvious step it helps to know exactly what training and certifications you are looking for in a qualified electrologist.  The main credential you want

to verify is the CPE or Certified Professional Electrologist which is the highest certification that is awarded by the Board of Electrologist Certification or BEC.  You can also look for any memberships with professional associations which provide an indication that the electrologist is staying current with the latest practices in their profession.

Personal Referrals

After checking on the electrologist’s credentials you must take additional steps to ensure they have maintained a credible reputation.  Just because they have completed training it does not necessarily mean that they are competent.  See if you can locate someone who has used the services of the electrologist you are considering.  This can be somewhat tricky since most people are private about receiving electrolysis hair removal.  However, if you ask sometimes they may share their point of view with you.  You can also ask for a recommendation from your physician if necessary.

Be Wary of Advertisements

If you are looking through advertisements to find an electrologist you should think twice if the advertisements state that the procedure is painless.  This is often an indicator that the hair removal service is not trained in electrolysis by needle. Although electrolysis is relatively painless, more often than not the advertisement is referring to laser treatment or non-permanent hair removal methods.  Make sure the service that you contact is a certified professional for needle electrolysis.

Set Up More Than One Consultation

Shop around by setting up multiple consultations at the office of each electrologist. Observing their work area will tell you a lot about their qualifications and credibility.  A qualified electrologist will provide you with an assessment form that reviews any health concerns and other methods of hair removal that you have used in the past.  Once you have filled out the information the electrologist should go over the information with you in depth and then recommend an appropriate treatment.

Also, use the consultation session as an opportunity to ask a lot of questions including what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Ask about the tools and equipment that is used and the sterilization methods that are used. If it is necessary to use any treatments for side effects following the procedure the electrologist should discuss it with you and then provide you with written instructions.

Get a Feel for the Treatment

The electrologist should be willing to provide you with a sample of the treatment by removing a couple of hairs.  This will help you to discover if you are sensitive to the treatment and will provide you with a general idea of the competency of the electrologist. If the sample treatment is painful then you should find another electrologist.  At best, you should only experience a stinging sensation.

Additionally, you should observe the sanitation methods the electrologist uses to prepare for the treatment and dispose of the tools and needles following the procedure.  The electrologist should also take the necessary measures to sanitize their hands before and after the treatment.

Discuss the Costs Involved

Talk to the electrologist about the costs involved to ensure there are no surprises.  Remember that if you are treating a large area of your body this will be considerably more expensive than if you are simply removing a few hairs on your eyebrows.  That said the typical cost for the procedure can range anywhere from $25 to $45 per treatment which should be completed within one to two years.

Some electrologists will offer you a discount if you sign up for a specific amount of treatments.  If you are working with the electrologist for the first time, it is best to pay by the treatment until you are sure you are comfortable and there are no complications from the treatment.  Also, remember that choosing the least expensive treatment does not necessarily mean you will save money.  If the electrologist is inexperienced and you have complications with the treatment this could end up costing you more money.  Instead, choose the electrologist that you are comfortable with and one that is highly skilled in their profession