Side Effects to Be Aware of with Electrolysis Hair Removal

Side Effects to Be Aware of with Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal is performed on hair follicles one-by-one and as a result, the procedure is intricate and takes time.  Depending upon the area being treated and the type of procedure being performed different people can have temporary side effects due to skin sensitivity and other health factors.  Although electrolysis has been used for more than a century and considered safe it helps to be aware of some of the side effects that may or may not occur following the procedure.

Typical Temporary Side Effects

The most common side effects that follow electrolysis hair removal include redness of the skin, mild swelling of tissues, and a tingling sensation under your skin. It is also not uncommon to develop ingrown hairs after the treatment or mild bruising if your skin is highly sensitive.

The temporary side effects we mentioned here can be treated to make recovery more comfortable.  The electrologist will recommend the appropriate products for post electrolysis treatment which generally consist of all natural ingredients and free of chemicals.

Pain or Burning Sensation

If pain is one of the side effects that follow electrolysis treatment it is highly probable that the procedure was performed incorrectly.  This can happen with home treatments that are performed by inexperienced people or an incompetent professional that is using a professional hair removal system. If you experience pain after the first treatment discontinue treatment immediately and start looking for a different electrologist.

The same rule applies if you experience an extreme burning sensation. While it is normal to feel a minimal amount of stinging, extreme burning sensations are a sign that the procedure was performed improperly.

Skin Damage

Skin damage is the extreme end of electrolysis side effects and can occur as the result of the being inexperienced when performing electrolysis at home or receiving treatment from an electrologist that performs the treatment incorrectly.  The way to avoid skin damage is to invest the time to research electrologists before you commit to the procedure.  Also, if you do not have a steady hand or you are unsure how to go about home treatment then it is worth paying more to seek treatment from a highly qualified professional. Your skin will thank you for it too.


Small blisters have been known to occur following treatment and basically look like acne. They typically appear within 24 hours following treatment in which case you should keep the area clean and avoid scratching to prevent further irritation.

Discolored Skin

If your skin is sensitive you may experience skin discoloration as the result of scarring. The discoloration is in the form of dark spots which can be lightened with a specialized cream.  The opposite can also occur where the skin in the area that was treated may lighten in color.

Severe Scabs

If there is over treatment of an area of your body, this can result in extreme tissue damage which causes the affected area to release bodily fluids.  Although this may subside within 48 hours it may result in scarring which will not reveal itself until months following the procedure.  This is because it takes time for the inflammation to subside before the scars appear. This condition is usually caused by increasing the current too much when treating coarse hair or by improper treatment.

Swelling on the Face

If you have electrolysis performed on a small area of your face you may experience facial swelling if you chose to treat an entire area as opposed to gradually thinning out the hair each time you go for a treatment. If you treat too large of an area on your face too soon, you can risk severe swelling and redness which can be reduced with applications of ice.


Sometimes breakouts can occur following treatment due to shaving or harsh cleansers.  If you are prone to breakouts continue to use mild lotions and cleansers following the treatment and avoid products that contain fragrance and chemicals.  It is also important to avoid products that will dry out your acne and make the condition worse. These are typically products that contain benzyl peroxide.

Keep in mind that any side effects that you experience following electrolysis hair removal should not be permanent. Most of the side effects are treatable by products that are recommended by your electrologist.  If you experience severe symptoms such as skin damage, scarring, or pitting, then it is important to consult with both your electrologist and your physician. Any permanent side effects are extreme and should be immediately treated by the appropriate medical professional