Thermolysis Electrolysis Hair Removal

Thermolysis is another commonly used electrolysis method that is used to remove unwanted hair permanently. The procedure does not rely on any type of chemical reaction for hair removal.  Instead the procedure uses the shortwave method to destroy the hair follicle. This treatment is also referred to by many as diathermy or a high frequency method. . This method was first discovered by in 1948 to take advantage of applying current and radio frequency in combination for removing hair

A probe is used to apply an RF wave of 0 to 8 watts at a frequency of 13.56 mega hertz to the area where the hair needs to be removed. The Rf energy is applied within one mm of tissue with the probe to heat the matrix cells of the hair to a temperature of around 48°C (118°F). This results in electrococoagulation which is a term used to describe the heating of the hair follicle cells which leads to the destruction of tissue. The cells are heated similar to how you would see heat being generated in a microwave since microwaves use radio frequency too. The equipment that is used for Thermolysis are designed to operate at a set radio frequency.

The Flash method is a treatment that uses Thermolysis to remove hair and larger follicles. The procedure applies fast and high intensity RF energy to destroy cells. However, it is important that this method is used properly as improper use can result in scarring. Proper use means that the amount of energy that is applied has to be proportionate to the size of the hair follicle. If the amount of RF energy applied is applied disproportionately, this can result in long term scarring. So make sure that the treatment is undertaken correctly with the Flash method.

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